Wednesday, 16 March 2011


jurassic-parkFor creatures that became wiped out over 65 million years ago, it’s astonishing how dinosaurs never actually go out of style. Given their fame, come to think of it, it’s more than a little astonishing that it took Hollywood the size of those 65 million years to lastly make a really good dino frolic. But, credit where it’s due, this one’s just about value the wait.
In order to get the green light for the opening of his park, Hollywood needs the backing of some outside expert opinions. So step forward child-hating paleontologist Alan Grant (Sam Neill), leggy palaeo-botanist Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), and chaos-daft mathematician Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum).

However, the pleasure of any movie is hardly predicated by a truthful basis. You can watch Free Movies Online too. The obvious realism of some of Crichton’s pseudo-science imbues Jurassic Park with a grounding that is acceptable in our high-tech world. After all, to weave a dinosaur tale in this day and age, it helps if science, not fantasy, is the driving force.
The astonishing CGI effects used still look inspiring even 10 years on – in fact, a re-watch of this one almost seems to propose the technology has since gone backwards. Surely the FX used in both of JP’s inferior sequels appears inferior by contrast.

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