Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Download Flv Player

FLV-Player-with-playlist-24978A FLV player is a type of media player that is used for playing Flash video from PC as well as from Internet websites. A FLV player can be used standalone, without the need of the Adobe Flash authoring or developmental tools. It can also be embedded in the website using Flash component or embeddable version of FLV player. Its a free flash video player for Windows. FLV player can play all your flash files and even download them directly from pages that you specify. With its simple and lightweight design, you can have all your video without any distraction in a bug/glitch free environment.
FLV player is able to download any video from a flash video based website by simply copy/pasting the website url in the download field and pressing download. FLV player can play all flash video formats such as .flv, .f4v, .f4v and .f4a. You can download Flv player absolutely free. FLV Player is small and extremely easy to use. It also manages to bring video publishing on websites much closer to the home user. There are no coding skills or even knowledge required. It is a mere mater of copy/paste. The best part i like about this player is that you can save your favorite Movies from any tube site like using FREE FLVDirect Player.
With its re-sizable window, full-screen playback options and customized video search engine, FLV Player is the most user friendly player of its kind. FLV Player comes with no viruses or spyware, and at just 2.12 Mb, it makes for a quick, hassle free download. Unlike other Flash Video players available online, which charge all sorts of download fees, FLV Player is 100% free!


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