Sunday, 13 March 2011

How to Detect and Protect Your Computer From Viruses

If you have been a victim of some annoying virus that has installed in your PC and do not know how to delete it, here I present you a guide with simple steps to eliminate the viruses in your PC, but first, it is important to point out that these computer tricks are not permanent, due to the fact that there are many solutions for your problem. First, I will advise you to run the antivirus software that you have installed on your PC; I recommend having one antivirus software installed, because having more than one might cause conflicts in your PC.

Step One: The diagnosis.
The first thing you should do is run your antivirus software, among the ones I personally recommend are: Kaspersky, Avira Premium, BitDefender, these are not the cheapest ones, but are really good scanning your PC looking for viruses. There are also some antivirus softwares that offer their services online through their websites, such as BitDefender Online, if you are interested, here is their website (please check the website), another antivirus that I strongly recommend is Ewido Only, this is an antispyware (please check the website) and what it does is detect spy and unwanted software.
Step Two: Eliminating the Virus.
First of all, I will recommend you to inactivate the system restoration, due to the fact that there are some viruses that have the ability of restoring after every rebooting, for this you should browse in My PC’s properties and tick in the box that says inactivate system restoration o deactivate system restoration in all units. After this, restart the PC but now in the failure proof mode and then re run the antivirus, verifying before that it has been actualized, to be sure, re check it with the BitDefender online and the Ewido online.
Step Three: Verifying the disinfection.
If you have been through all the previous steps and your PC does not show more symptoms of been infected, the advisable thing to do would be to perform daily checks with the antivirus, the BitDefender and the Ewido. Another software I would recommend is the Ccleaner which erases the cookies and the Internet temporary files, you should run it to be sure of the disinfection been successful, besides of this I would also advise you to fragment your hard drive once in a while just to speed up the execution of your files and also having your antivirus software updated.


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